Rough diamond trading.

We are Diamond Trading, a leading trade and distribution firm dedicated to the rough diamond industry. Our goal is to deliver a superior advantage to all of our business partners, providing them with specialist expertise and deep market knowledge based on over a century of experience.

We’re based in the diamond hub of Antwerp, Belgium, with regional leadership that stretches from Russia to Africa and includes all of the major diamond cutting centers. Our company is led by Daniel De Belder and Jean-Louis Van Strydonck, who represent our firm’s professional, hands-on approach on a daily basis.

Our dedicated team of specialists balance daily activities and long-term strategies, seamlessly connected with a worldwide network of suppliers, manufacturers and jewelers.

The strength of relationships exists in the art of details.

We operate with a business model that revolves around loyal relationships with suppliers, clients, colleagues and associates. We believe that we can only achieve long-term success by fostering those relationships with unwavering trust, mutual understanding and the transparent exchange of valuable information.

At Diamond Trading, we obtain rough diamonds from two sources: artisanal producers and mining companies. We organize parcels into tailor-made solutions for polishing factories worldwide. We value our relationships in the global marketplace, both upstream and downstream.

Our goal is to achieve the perfect balance of supply and demand in order to optimize value on both sides of the trading chain. We believe that successful opportunities are realized when the right product is presented to the right people at the right time. That’s why we’re committed to supporting the success of our partners by being the best at what we do.


Our focus produces tangible results: growth.

We firmly believe that our purpose is to share our feel for rough diamonds with the world. In order to do this, we must efficiently and reliably report market trends and prices, while intelligently navigating a constantly changing business landscape. We’re humbled and honored to say that in the past fifteen years, we’ve fulfilled our promise with a growth in sales of 600%.

Our business has a global reach that’s measured through the trading of millions of carats per year. And yet our core beliefs remain very personal: offer exceptional service with flexible, tailored solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our knowledgeable staff and streamlined organization means that we can quickly and effectively respond to daily market changes, while our solid financial position enables us to maintain our purchasing power during changing economic conditions. This means that we can always ensure ongoing trade and a resourceful inventory.

To stand out as one of the most secure and capable trade partners in the world of rough diamonds, we operate with a service-oriented approach backed by a robust financial portfolio. Knowledge, experience and reputation are our greatest assets; building lasting relationships is our greatest achievement.